Our reputation is built on outstanding results with the home owners we serve.  Don’t just take it from us.

We want to express our gratitude and appreciation for the care you took building our custom home to meet our needs as we age, giving us the convenience, accessibility, and livability we want with enough space to enjoy and entertain friends and family.

After many seasons scrutinizing the Parade of Homes, we selected contractors we felt were 1) solid builders 2) who would work with us in a true custom design (not simply cut and paste previous plans), and 3) who was honest and trustworthy.  After selecting several, we visited with each.  It was surprisingly easy to eliminate them, one by one, until we had only one who met all our parameters—you!

You took a simple sketch and some imaginary ideas we had and working off our bare-bones budget, worked up a basic plan.  Your patience in dealing with our changes and additions was truly remarkable because we made many!  You were so pleasant and agreeable, wanting us to have exactly what we wanted; you redesigned…and refined…and reflected…and refined, all the while keeping our budget in mind.

Just as plans were solidifying, a major health issue brought everything to a halt for an indefinite period.  You received this news with compassion and concern-without any pressure to proceed with building.  You offered some alternatives that might keep our dreams alive, allowing us the opportunity to proceed, one step at a time, and halting construction at various stages if necessary.  We were grateful.  Your patience, understanding and adaptability were evident.

We got underway, completing one segment at a time, pausing when necessary.  With each advancement, you first inquired if we were ready to proceed.  When a decision needed to be made, your first consideration was if I was feeling well enough.  Your compassion was truly appreciated.

Your organization was impressive, especially when you couldn’t count on construction proceeding at a normal pace, having to juggle projects.  Your attention to detail was amazing-you knew if something was the slightest bit off.  Your integrity was undeniable and your standards are high—both are apparent to everyone.  Your subcontractors were courteous and accommodating, some exceptionally so.  Your accounting method was totally transparent and you were devoted to keeping us on budget!  Still, you were flexible with changes, offering suggestions as we went along.  You were there to advise us at every level on choices we needed to make.

As the house was near completion, we decided to add a deck.  You willingly agreed; all was well until a delay in some materials created a time squeeze.  You put in some long days and weekends-even doing the job yourself—to meet our date of completion!  Even after the house was closed, you were kind enough to make some simple but time consuming changes I decided I must have.  You got the changes made—further evidence of your principles!

We appreciate everything you did for us.  We have the utmost confidence in the soundness of our home and look forward to spending many happy years in it.  We know that if we ever have a concern about the house, you will be there for us.  You were an acquaintance when we started-now we consider you a friend!

 Carolyn & Phil

Pearson Homes built our home over a five month period in 2009. He gave us an approximate completion date and completed the home in the time he said. We designed our own home and he built exactly what we wanted. Terry Pearson was easy to work with, got work done in a timely way, had subs who did quality work on time, and had good ideas to add to our plan. Building a home can be very stressful but Terry made it enjoyable and the results exceeded our expectations. We have considered building another home and would work with Terry Pearson again.

Leslie & Tim

Pearson Home Builders designed our new home allowing considerable input from us. Terry was flexible in our contract agreement, and was fair and honest in all our dealings. I was very pleased with our working relationship. He could always be reached and willing to discuss the construction issues. Completion was on schedule.  He has a good crew of dedicated subcontractors, who were responsive. I have no issues with the quality of the home. I appreciated his expertise in designing the roof & floor trusses. I would highly recommend this builder.

Pam & John

Terry was a great contractor to work with while building our new home.  He was able to custom build our home to what we wanted and still stay within our budget.  He was always upfront about the costs and his home estimate was very close to the price we paid when the house was finished.  We were very happy with Terry as our contractor.  He was always nice, easy to talk to, and worked hard to meet our requests.  He was on the jobsite making sure everything was getting completed, and if we had any questions, he was able to meet with us in a timely manner.  He uses quality materials and known subcontractors that have done excellent work in the area.  I would highly recommend Terry to others building a new home.  We are very pleased with our beautiful home. 

Krissy & Andy

We recently built a home with Pearson Home Builders. It was our first experience building a home and we found it to be a very enjoyable experience. Terry was very knowledgeable and he really listened to us. We had looked through hundreds of house plans without finding “the one”. We met with Terry and told him what we wanted in a house and he came back to us with a plan he had drawn up that was a perfect fit for our family. He was diligent about understanding just what we wanted and getting accurate estimates so we could stay on budget.

The building process was a lot of fun. Terry took the stress out of it and always made us feel like we were his only clients. It was easy to get him on the phone and he was quick to remedy any little issues along the way. He was at the job site frequently making sure that everything was being done right. We were always welcome to come to the job site.

We have been in our home for a few months now and we are thrilled with how it turned out. Terry continues to be just a phone call away anytime we have questions. He is an honest and experienced builder who really listens to his clients and works hard to create their dream home. We would highly recommend him to all our friends and family.

Alissa & Matt

Pearson Home Builders built our home for us in 2013. We had a great relationship with him during the whole process. Starting from the blue prints to the final touch. He was great to work with. He always discussed everything with us before things were done to make sure it was how we wanted it. We were able to go to the house any time we wanted to see the progress and he was always available by phone or in person. Very laid back guy and easy to work with. He builds beautiful homes and good quality homes. We have had a lot of compliments on our home. I do recommend him as a builder.

Kathy & Scott

After having a bad experience with a different builder, the decision to build with Pearson Home Builders wasn’t even something that we had to think about. Terry came to give his professional opinion on our bad experience and offered to lend a hand, even when he could have just chosen not to get involved. From that, we could see that he was a true man of character. From the community, to other people who have built houses with Terry, the subcontractors or suppliers, nobody has ever had a bad word to say about Terry. We have heard of bad experiences from people who have built houses with other builders. From builders on site cursing, to signing the contract and then never seeing the builder again and builders getting upset with homeowners for change requests; we are happy to say that our experience with Terry was very different than that. Terry displays a calm demeanor, listened to all our questions, comments and complaints, and was often onsite to address any issues. We were able to call Terry at any time on any day and he would be available. We got a house exactly like we wanted. Terry’s price estimates were accurate. We were not discouraged from doing any of the work ourselves that we wanted to do. When we had questions, Terry was there to help and give us direction on work that we did ourselves. All the subcontractors used did quality work and used quality materials and Terry made sure the work was done right. So if you are thinking of building a house, give Terry a call. You won’t be disappointed in choosing Pearson Home Builders for your new home.

Katrina & Chad




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